Updates to the Docs to WordPress plugin forthcoming. What would you like to see?

I will be working shortly on some upgrades to the Docs to WordPress plugin¬†and wanted to get some input on what people would like to see in the next version. There have been a lot of great ideas floated in the comments section on previous posts but I’d like to get them all in one place, if possible. Please leave your thoughts below.

5 thoughts on “Updates to the Docs to WordPress plugin forthcoming. What would you like to see?”

  1. Planned:
    * Use the WordPress HTTP API instead of CURL and redo the classes used.
    * A few options, including an extender to use a delimiter in the doc.
    * Pass args to pre_docs_to_wp_insert filter
    * Copy embedded images into the media library. Options to keep the images embedded or just use as attachment
    * Better support for multisite

  2. It would be awesome to have an option to “pull” and run the cron on command rather than running it every X seconds — something end-user-friendly. We love using this plugin to create the bridge to GDocs, but in one of our use cases the content will never be updated once it hits the transfer collection — all changes are done in-post.

  3. Very interesting plugin as i’m busy on a new website. A news WordPress website.
    This could be very useful. I just started at this job. The old website is … very very old.
    I want to create the number 1 newswebsite in our town (there is not so much competition) with great gadgets and tools.. SocialMedia and usergenerated content must be added i think.

    Can you tell me some more about other Plugins i really should install on news-websites to deal with content (also pics and video) and other stuff you encountered on news websites. Author/editor tools, pic-library,

    If i could better mail you with these questions.. just tell.

    Many thanks
    bye Wilbert (From the Netherlands: Masterclass hyperlocale interaction)

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