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WordPress to Indesign: The final countdown

We’ve had a lot of requests for us to open source the WP Browser, the final piece of getting a post from Google Docs to WordPress and into Indesign. We hadn’t up till this point because it was a plugin … Continue reading

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We’re hiring! Data geeks and news hackers

We’re looking for data analysts and coders to join the BDN’s new Research & Innovation Department. The BDN is dedicated to rethinking how “legacy” media operate. If you enjoy working on multiple projects with different focuses in quick succession you’ll … Continue reading

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Google Drive to WordPress (to InDesign), refined

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. We’ve been busy refining our existing systems in the newsroom and tackling inefficiencies in other departments. At the BDN, we often try to drill down to what is really necessary and important, … Continue reading

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Knight News Challenge

Just a quick shoutout: The BDN is very honored that our submission to the Knight News Challenge made it to Round 2. Our proposal is to take what we’ve done at the BDN, rewrite the code now that we have … Continue reading

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Getting from WordPress to InDesign, part 1

This, I know, is the code a lot of people have been waiting for. It hasn’t been posted till now mostly because I’ve been trying to package everything to make it plug-and-play. At a certain point it was time to … Continue reading

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Appeal for help, because I’m terrible at regex

One of the most annoying things about using Google Docs is that none of the styles are inline. It used to be that bold text was wrapped in a <strong> tag and italic text was wrapped in am <em> tag. … Continue reading

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