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Form ever follows function, eventually

Our online editor, Will Davis, has been explaining how we flowed text from Google Docs to WordPress to print and created a low-cost, portable front-end system for our newsroom at Bangor Daily News. I wanted to tell you a little … Continue reading

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Marrying Google Docs and WordPress (or really any CMS)

At the BDN, we love WordPress, but we didn’t feel it was the right place to have our reporters working. Even with distraction-free writing, there’s too much cruft that would confuse reporters or that we don’t want reporters touching. We … Continue reading

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Importing archives into WordPress

I’m starting with the import process not because it is an exceptionally good place to start when preparing to move a site to WordPress but because it’s one of the few things I got right from the get-go when I … Continue reading

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A quick overview of our editorial workflow

Lauren Rabaino asked on a previous post for a video of our entire workflow. The whole process is actually pretty simple, so it wasn’t hard to record it. Everything starts in Google Docs — that’s where the reporters write their … Continue reading

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I wanted to credit a few people who were immensely helpful in getting the site up and running. I’m William P. Davis, online editor at the Bangor Daily News. Todd Benoit is Director of News and New Media, and Martha … Continue reading

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Bangor Daily News completes final switch to WordPress

Wednesday, we pointed the last of our traffic to our WordPress servers. We started planning the transition soon after I started at the BDN in July, and started beta testing the system in late August with our Sports section. Stories … Continue reading

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